Best fitness advices I’ve ever received

It’s not only about training your body, it’s also about training your mind. The best athletes in the world train not only their bodies; but also, their minds for success in their sport. Visualize your goals, but also yourself achieving those goals. Think about the emotions you could experience and how you can prepare for… Continue reading Best fitness advices I’ve ever received

If my trainings were a soundtrack…

How much are you "turned into" the fact that some really good music can improve your performance during your training? I keep thinking I'm much better with music than without. I can be in my zone, let the vibes takes me and I could move a mountain (not more, I'm not that crazy!) My usual… Continue reading If my trainings were a soundtrack…

Enjoy the little things

On a Saturday/Sunday morning I get up around 7am, drink a big glass of water, look out the window and see what the weather is doing. I get ready by putting on my favourite sports gear and my dirty trainers. Grab my keys, phone and put a podcast on. I usually bring my debit card and… Continue reading Enjoy the little things

5 things no one tells you about getting fit

Making decisions to feel better has never been a piece of cake, especially when it’s about our body. Comparing yourself to all these fitguys with an “ideal” body and a kind of “perfect” lifestyle makes perhaps changes effortless, but there are few things that you should know before adding fitness in your life.