Fill your life

I actually am the perfect example of this person who is rushing through my life, making sure to reach my goals in time, scheduling my days 24/7 and keep getting ready on weekends because “just in case” you know that thing, right? How do I feel? Yes, I reached my goals. Yes, I will be… Continue reading Fill your life

2 things to do more of and less of

When you want to make changes to a routine, make sure you won’t be overwhelmed by estimating all things you want to change right now. The best way (and this is the one I’m going to work on) is to make a short list of simple things you want to add or remove from your… Continue reading 2 things to do more of and less of

Best fitness advices I’ve ever received

It’s not only about training your body, it’s also about training your mind. The best athletes in the world train not only their bodies; but also, their minds for success in their sport. Visualize your goals, but also yourself achieving those goals. Think about the emotions you could experience and how you can prepare for… Continue reading Best fitness advices I’ve ever received

What you need to know before going vegan

I went vegan two years ago and it has been the best decision have made. Here are few things I wish I knew before going on this journey: Going vegan may takes more time than you think Don’t go vegan all at once, plan to transition gradually. The more gradually you transition to veganism, the… Continue reading What you need to know before going vegan

When you have no choice, but building yourself up

As I said in my previous article “And then, I did the right thing”, making the first move to a better You is maybe one of the hardest choice you will have to make in life. I realized when I took the chance to move forward, I felt so empty that I couldn’t even feel… Continue reading When you have no choice, but building yourself up

My top 5 of my favourite coffee shops in East London

Hackney Coffee Company This one is definitely sentimental, they know me so well that I don’t need to say what I want. (I don’t know if it’s a good thing though) My go-to is a green tea with oatmilk but please, try their matcha latte (a bomb). Oh boy, I keep enjoying every weekend by… Continue reading My top 5 of my favourite coffee shops in East London

Enjoy the little things

On a Saturday/Sunday morning I get up around 7am, drink a big glass of water, look out the window and see what the weather is doing. I get ready by putting on my favourite sports gear and my dirty trainers. Grab my keys, phone and put a podcast on. I usually bring my debit card and… Continue reading Enjoy the little things