4 reasons why Autumn will make you fall in love with London

I hate Autumn and even more Winter. I hate when it's night early, I hate even more when you keep getting cold but you wear 4 layers already. All these shits make my days horrible and I have to deal with that 5 months. BUT. Since I'm in London I learnt how to enjoy the… Continue reading 4 reasons why Autumn will make you fall in love with London

What you need to know before going vegan

I went vegan two years ago and it has been the best decision have made. Here are few things I wish I knew before going on this journey: Going vegan may takes more time than you think Don’t go vegan all at once, plan to transition gradually. The more gradually you transition to veganism, the… Continue reading What you need to know before going vegan

My top 5 of my favourite coffee shops in East London

Hackney Coffee Company This one is definitely sentimental, they know me so well that I don’t need to say what I want. (I don’t know if it’s a good thing though) My go-to is a green tea with oatmilk but please, try their matcha latte (a bomb). Oh boy, I keep enjoying every weekend by… Continue reading My top 5 of my favourite coffee shops in East London

My top 5 of plant-based protein sources

We all know how important protein is to our health, our workouts and recovery, but it’s also important for our brain function. I pay real attention to my diet and how I feed my body to make sure I give it everything it needs in order to be in optimal health.  I can’t get tired… Continue reading My top 5 of plant-based protein sources

5 reasons why I love London

As I said in my previous article "5 things I learned from living abroad", moving to London has been the best decision I have ever made. I have not lived here for long (just over year) but I can already say why I will always be in love with this city. Vegan Friendly City As a vegan,… Continue reading 5 reasons why I love London

A Frenchwoman in London

If there is one thing that I have realised since moving to London – and perhaps it’s the same pretty much everywhere you move – is how much being French is a thing. It can be funny and most of time you can use it to your own benefits, but after a while the novelty… Continue reading A Frenchwoman in London

5 reasons of becoming vegan

Becoming vegan is not good only for protecting animals, this is also fantastic for so many reasons. We all have a good one for being vegan. Here some of my favs I keep saying to everyone curious to know why it’s so good for you! 1.  You can eat generally without worrying about gaining “bad”… Continue reading 5 reasons of becoming vegan