2 things to do more of and less of

When you want to make changes to a routine, make sure you won’t be overwhelmed by estimating all things you want to change right now. The best way (and this is the one I’m going to work on) is to make a short list of simple things you want to add or remove from your… Continue reading 2 things to do more of and less of

Be S.M.A.R.T.

I truly believe that you can’t reach your goals without having a plan. You need to act in a smart way, be intelligent on how you're going to improve yourself. Setting clear goals is essential to motivate yourself and ensuring your efforts are aligned with who you are. Turn your attention to develop several goals… Continue reading Be S.M.A.R.T.

3 reasons why you need to fail (aka taking a tumble)

Failure is a tough thing to handle but it’s definitely what everyone needs to take the right way to achieve a goal. We all know how life is a playground, an experiment field so failing is a part of the game. Sometimes, we forget a lot of people have failed before success, they didn’t stop after that, it’s actually… Continue reading 3 reasons why you need to fail (aka taking a tumble)