Best fitness advices I’ve ever received

It’s not only about training your body, it’s also about training your mind.

The best athletes in the world train not only their bodies; but also, their minds for success in their sport.

Visualize your goals, but also yourself achieving those goals. Think about the emotions you could experience and how you can prepare for them. The most important, visualize possible fails, doubts and how you overcome them.

Do what you’re not-so-good at.

This is definitely not fun to suck at something, but if you want to avoid plateaus and continue to see improvement, you need to focus on what you don’t excel at.

Get out of your comfort zone, always.

It’s not easier, you’re just getting stronger.

This is a lifestyle, a process that takes time and persistence. Training only gets more challenging as you progress with your goals. This is so much motivation and work you have to put in to get stronger, fitter and better. This is a simple reminder that the strength you have right now is only due to the work you put in, in the past.

Listen to your body!

I know how much it can be complicated to rest but you have to! Mentally it’s hard to adapt to in the beginning, but your body and your muscles respond better when they’re rested. You’re not a machine, don’t inflict your body all your hard work and then injure yourself and being obliged to rest for weeks.

Full love – Roxie

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