4 reasons why Autumn will make you fall in love with London

I hate Autumn and even more Winter. I hate when it’s night early, I hate even more when you keep getting cold but you wear 4 layers already. All these shits make my days horrible and I have to deal with that 5 months.

BUT. Since I’m in London I learnt how to enjoy the little things and I can’t lie about the fact English people are pretty good at making the most of anything and it makes the end of the year more enjoyable. (I mean, as long as they feed me with wine and chocolate.)

Here are few things that gives me a good reason to be friendly with people while I’m getting cold in London:

Enjoying your usual hot drink at your favourite coffee shop.

I can’t explain how but all coffee shops in London have this atmosphere that you can’t get tired of it, you could spend hours there by reading or working on your laptop. You won’t be able to leave the place.

The thick and heavy fog with this crisp fresh air at 7am.

This is probably not enjoyable every single mornings but I do like it though, that makes your way to work different and the experience is unmissable.

This splash of bright colour pretty much everywhere.

London has the particularity to suit perfectly with this season. Everything looks like a pallet of red, orange and yellow colours. This is just made only to take amazing pictures throughout the day, London is instagrammable AF at this time of the year.

Tourists, there’re less tourists.

That is actually a really important point. For some reason, everyone is leaving London at this time, I’m not going to complain! It makes London much more pleasant and “less” crowded. I’m careful with “less” because, I mean, this is London, it will be always busy.

Full love – Roxie

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