What you need to know before going vegan

I went vegan two years ago and it has been the best decision have made. Here are few things I wish I knew before going on this journey:

Going vegan may takes more time than you think

Don’t go vegan all at once, plan to transition gradually. The more gradually you transition to veganism, the more likely you are to stick it. It’s ok to take weeks or months until you’re fully plant-based, if you believe in it and keep being motivated about that then doesn’t matter how long you will spend on the process.

You will need supplements

Whole-food-based supplements are usually recommended for anyone going vegan. Taking supplements is a personal choice but if there is one supplement you have to take is vitamin B12. Unfortunately, this is hardly found in plant-based food but you can still stick with tempeh, yeast extract or even spirulina. This vitamin is necessary for protecting hear, brain and nervous system.

You can now easily find B12 supplement in vegetarian/vegan capsules. 😉

Your friends and family will ask a lot of questions (too many actually)

You should be prepared to answer a lot of (stupid or not) questions about your diet, why you’re doing it, what you can eat (because yes, fish isn’t a meat for some people) and your protein intake (you’re going to meet a lot of graduate dieticians, trust me).

You are not perfect and so am I

Most of people forget that going vegan is not about being perfect but about being aware. Realizing where your food comes from, what it takes to get into your plate, what’s the impact on your health and how you feel by eating the right food…

Don’t be tough on yourself, it’s ok if you eat a non-vegan thing without knowing it at first sight. It’s ok to crave cheese, it’s ok to check the label of each product for 5min because you have no idea if it could be vegan anyway. It’s ok to ask questions when you doubt. It’s ok to think you won’t be able to keep doing it on your own.

Good things take time and by going vegan a little bit more day by day, you are making a huge difference into our civilization but especially in your health and whole life.

Full love – Roxie

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