My top 5 of my favourite coffee shops in East London

Hackney Coffee Company

This one is definitely sentimental, they know me so well that I don’t need to say what I want. (I don’t know if it’s a good thing though) My go-to is a green tea with oatmilk but please, try their matcha latte (a bomb). Oh boy, I keep enjoying every weekend by grabbing my drink after my workout. @hackneycoffeeco

Ozone Coffee

Favourite spot for a Sunday brunch and feeling hipster AF. My go-to is the scrambled silken tofu on a GF toast with chickpea masala, fermented chili caponata and fennel. Please try their vegan banana bread, this is out of this world! Shall we talk about their coffee? Because yes, their coffee is maybe the best I ever tried. @ozonecoffeeuk

The Hive

My favourite place to be when I want to work on my blog. This is so nice and bright thanks to their huge windows. All their foods are delicious but when I get there I definitely go either carrot cake or raw flapjack (with a green tea obvsly). @thehivewellbeing


Straight into Brick Lane, I would say the heart of East London actually. Exactly where you need to grab a coffee when you’re hanging out in Brick Lane in the middle of the food market. But the best of that is all their profits go to support local community projects and charitable causes. @kahailacafe

Sazzy & Fran

And the last one! The newbie in Bethnal Green. Everything is vegan and delicious with amazing peeps trying to keep their impact on the environment as low as possible. Shall we talk about their weekly vegan pizza party on Friday?! ❤ @sazzyandfrancafe

Full love – Roxie

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