My top 5 of plant-based protein sources

We all know how important protein is to our health, our workouts and recovery, but it’s also important for our brain function. I pay real attention to my diet and how I feed my body to make sure I give it everything it needs in order to be in optimal health.  I can’t get tired of this quote from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. If you eat the right food for your body then it will say thank you.

As I have a plant-based diet and recovering from a bad health background, it’s even more important for me to find the right food that won’t make me sick, create brain fog or decrease my energy level. Here are 5 of my fave’s that I can’t get enough of:


Top of the top to me. I love it so much! Since it’s made by fermenting whole soybeans, this is technically a whole food and has a huge amount of fiber as well.

  • 100g of tempeh = 20g of protein BOOM!


A classic but so convenient and cheap! Beans are so versatile, you can make a super stylish chef-like meal, easy peasy. My favourites are chickpeas (OBVS!) and butter beans.

  • 100g of chickpeas = 7g of protein
  • 100g of butter beans = 5g of protein


I get my greens from spinach, kale, peas, green beans but my favourite remains broccoli! Lots of antioxidants and amino acids, seriously, who doesn’t like broccoli? So good!

  • 1 cup chopped of broccoli = 3g of protein
  • 500g of broccoli = 14g of protein


My favourite meal since I went vegan is maybe lentil dhal and lucky me, the amount of protein in it is quite good actually! Fully packed of fiber and pretty good with phytonutrients (perfect as an anti-inflammatory support).

  • 100g of lentils = 10g of protein

Nutritional Yeast

The last one, my obsession. Nutritional Yeast is a weird hippie dust or vegan addiction, whatever the name you use. A weird thing but too good to be missed. This is a bomb of benefits and versatile AF. It has a really good source of vitamin B-12 (whoop veggie peeps), high in fiber, gluten free (thank god) but also the king for its amount of protein.

  • 1tbsp = 5g of protein (realistically I usually use 7tbsps if not 10…)

Full love – Roxie

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