5 reasons of becoming vegan

Becoming vegan is not good only for protecting animals, this is also fantastic for so many reasons. We all have a good one for being vegan. Here some of my favs I keep saying to everyone curious to know why it’s so good for you!

1.  You can eat generally without worrying about gaining “bad” fat

That is definitely my favourite reason! Since I went vegan, I’ve been way more excited for meal times. For breakfast, you can have big bowl of porridge with peanut butter and a ton of fruits. If you fancy a desert for lunch, which is usually not healthy, you can make yourself a chocolate nana ice cream and don’t feel guilty. And if you are a chef, you can even challenge your dinner by making any non-vegan food into a vegan version, which will be obviously better… 😉

A plant based diet doesn’t contains saturated fats and cholesterol, meaning that they are 100% healthy for you! Eat a diet consisting of wholesome fruits, vegetables and wholegrains and you’ll see the difference. No more stress, no more food coma, no more worries.

2.  You feel so much better in so many ways!

Vegan diet helps to keep a check on common body ailments that usually doesn’t let a person feel healthy and relaxed. Consumption of less sugar and fats and more fruits and vegetables keeps you more naturally energized and makes you look and feel good (aka you will feel gorgeous AF).

3.  It boosts immunity and your energy levels

Since fruits and vegetables are rich in super nutrients and many have anti-oxidant purposes, they can boost the immune system and help the body fight against disease. You will have all the nutrients that you need to be healthy, such as plant protein, fiber and minerals, without all the nasty stuff in meat/fish that slows you down and makes you sick (like cholesterol and saturated animal fat).

On a vegan diet, you will find your energy is improved. You won’t even need to sleep as many as you used to and even if you have a bad night or you feel tired, you will be able to recover quicker than usual.

4.  You become an expert in nutrition

To have plenty of calories, nutrients and vitamins, you will start to know exactly which combination you can do to have everything and where to find what you need in all fruits and vegetables heaven. You will be even able to realize you can have more protein than a meat eater!

No one will ask you something and not being able to reply. No way for that!

5.  It can help you lose excess weight

Vegan diets allow naturally to reduce our calorie intake. This makes them effective at promoting weight loss without the need to actively focus on cutting calories. It’s quite simple actually, when you start a plant-based diet you will naturally avoid processed foods, fatty meals etc. to avoid any hidden animal products that you could miss. Moreover, having a whole fruits & vegetables diet will provide a bigger amount of fiber than you used to, so you will be full longer with not a lot of calories.

The main reason why I went vegan was for my health and especially asthma. But I will tell you my story in another article 😉

Full love – Roxie

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