Strengthen your intuition


Noun /ˌɪn.tʃuːˈɪʃ.ən/ – An ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts.

We have this strange skill in my family which allows us to receive anything from life in a good way even if it’s not with a good feeling. For a long time, we said it was “magic” because it was actually easier to explain in this way and made life so much funnier. But if we must put a word on it and being rational, my mum always says that our intuition is well developed.

I realized it helped a lot and more the years pass, the more important this skill becomes in my life. I don’t say that could save my life or I could have a premonition it’s not what it is. This skill is something that we have easily in our family because I guess we used to develop it without being aware about it and now we can play with it and use it as a secret weapon through our lives.

It’s not Magic as we used to say, this is something that you have to cultivate, to refine in order to create your intuition, your own one and being your own weapon/added value into your life.

5 benefits of developing your intuition

  • You are more sensitive to the energy of the environments around you – You’ll learn how to live in the present moment and you’ll be able to enjoy what’s happening right now and not thinking about what you should do instead. Be anchored.
  • It keeps you safer as you become more aware of potential danger or threats – This is certainly not a proper shield that you’ll protect you from anything, but it will be able to avoid you the worse.
  • It supports your analytical brain in decision making – You’ll be more effective for making decision and spend less time to think about how to process. Trust me, that helps a lot!
  • It boosts your confidence – Once you know how to deal with your own intuition, you’ll feel confident enough to handle life’s twists and turns.
  • It allows you to reach new ideas that can lead to success – By developing your intuition, you’ll be able to trust your feelings and being brave enough to make the most of it.

5 ways to develop your intuition

  • Recognise when your intuition speaks – The best way to improve your skill is to know exactly when it speaking to you, right? You have to take time and listen to yourself. It can come through different kind of communication. It can be a quick flash as a vision, it can be some physical sensations as goose bumps, a feeling of relief or even a sour taste in your mouth (which is the last one for me).
  • Notice all that you can with your five senses – To learn how to be anchored, how to live in the here and now, this point is a good one to start with. At any time, you want during the day, try to be focused on what you’re doing, try to feel everything you can feel through all your senses. In this way, you’ll learn how to be anchored and realize what’s happen around you. You’ll learn how to be connected with people and environment so you’ll learn how to be more aware about any situation.
  • Pay attention to your dreams – They are your subconscious mind’s way of processing information and dealing with stress, repressed feelings etc. Most of the time, they are symbolic then you have to find out what the hell they are talking about, but nothing arrives in a random way. You can have a look on this page which helps a lot in terms a common dream symbols.
  • Feel, don’t think – “Stop thinking!” I don’t know how many times my mum said that to me. But this is exactly what you have to do if you want to develop and refine your intuitive side. Challenge yourself by making a distinction between thoughts and feelings. You mind thinks, your intuition feels. This one is like a game that you have to play quite often, each time if you’re not sure whether you’re listening your mind or your trustworthy intuition. There is a big difference between “I think…” and “I have the impression”, “I can feel…”.
  • Run, baby, run – The last but not least, this is my favourite way to connect my intuition whenever I want to. I often get answers to problems or calm down my rubbish doubts or have ideas on a project just because I disconnect myself from my daily schedule. In this way, you have to deal with yourself in another zone than your usual one then it allows you to be focused on your intuitive part and not your daily thoughts.

Full love – Roxie

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